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Workplace Accident

“Work is defined as duties, activities, or tasks that produce a product or result, which is done in exchange for money, goods, services, profit, or benefit; and, that are legal activities in the United States”.
Yet nearly 3.1 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported in 2010 within the private sector, according to the US Dept. of Labor. Among the top injuries, sprains and strains continue to be the most common. In fact, they account for approximately 41% of all workplace injuries that requires days off from work. The main cause of this type of “illness” is attributed to falls, overexertion and using improper lifting technique.
With each passing year and due to the economic times we live in, more and more young people are entering the workforce today. In 2010 there were approximately 17.5 million workers under the age of 24, which represented 13% of our workforce today.
With more and more young workers in the field today, there is a higher risk for occupational injuries as many of these young workers are typically employed in hazardous type settings, like restaurants for example, with slippery floors or having to use knives and other kitchen equipment that they may not have the necessary training to be using in the first place.
Inexperience and lack of safety training continues to be a contributing factor of workplace accidents among our young workforce.

Types of Workplace Accidents:

Each day, workers in the United States undergo injuries, disability, and even death as a result of workplace incidents. Each day, approximately 15 workers die from traumatic injuries.
Workplace accidents ensue for many different reasons. Slippery or cluttered floors and walkways account for nearly 19% of all causes of injury or illness. Spilled liquids must be cleaned up immediately and properly to avoid slips and falls. Additionally, carrying too much results in not being able to see where you are walking also contributes to many slips and fall accidents.
Improper storage of supplies and products is another cause that leads to workplace accidents. Cleaning materials and other such toxic chemicals must be stored properly at all tomes. Further, employees must be adequately trained on proper storage methods for toxic chemicals so as to limit exposure.
Burns are also a common cause of workplace accidents. They account for about 20%-25% of all serious burns requiring hospital attention and about 5% of all workplace related deaths. Ensuring that your workers are fully trained on how to use electrical equipment in addition to clearly marked warning signs on all electrical equipment will assist in reducing and preventing electrical burns. Chemical burns result when the skin or eyes come into contact with strong acids. As a protective measure, workers must always remember to wear protective clothing and eye goggles to prevent this type of workplace accident.
Vehicular accidents continue to be the leading cause of work-related accidents and death. If you drive for a living or use your car during work hours to drive to meetings, etc., remember not to multi-task while driving. Being alert and cautious at all times will help in reducing these types of accidents.
While we may think that companies that perform dangerous activities should only address workplace safety, one must keep in mind that office jobs also pose a threat to our safety. Lack of movement, from sitting in one place for too long, improper height of your chair in relation to your desk or keyboard, not maintaining proper posture, constant glare from your computer can all contribute to future medical and or vision problems. Cluttered work areas also harbor sharp instruments like letter openers or box cutters.
While it is ultimately the responsibility of the employer to provide a safe working environment, the eventuality of this can be somewhat un-realistic. If you have been injured at work, pursuing a claim against your employer may be somewhat awkward. Additionally, under New York State Law, employees cannot sue their employer for compensatory damages should they be injured on the job. However, there are other avenues available to you and in filing your claim.
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