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Pedestrian Accidents

In the never-ending battle between New York motorist and the pedestrian who endeavor to elude them, there is one factor that eclipse everything, every 37 minutes a pedestrian is struck down by a driver within the 5 boroughs.

In essence, this means at least 37 times a day, police are rushing to the scene of a pedestrian accident.

In a recent NYDOT (NY Dept of Transportation) report, conducted on over 7000 accidents with the state of New York, the following startling bit of information was determined:

  • Cars, not taxicabs or buses were involved in more pedestrian accidents.
  • Pedestrians legally crossing the street were struck down more than jaywalkers. However, jaywalkers who were struck down was ‘likelier to be killed or seriously hurt in the collision.”
  • Men drivers were involved in more than 80% of all pedestrian accidents.
  • Pedestrian accidents occur up to 3 times more frequently when the cars make a left-turn than when they make a right-turn.
  • Distracted drivers caused more pedestrian accidents than those who were intoxicated while driving.
  • The majority of New Yorkers did not know the city’s speed limit is 30 m.p.h.
  • In Manhattan, 4 times as many pedestrians are killed per mile of street in comparison to the other 4 boroughs.
  • And lastly, 43% of all pedestrians killed in Manhattan live outside the city limit.

It appears that the chances of being killed by a motorist in the city are far greater than getting killed by a stranger with a gun. Further the grim reality of the situation is that many of these negligent motorists are never prosecuted criminally or otherwise, even when they are clearly at fault.

In response to these recent and precarious findings, New York City is now planning a number of aggressive changes to ensure that the streets are made safer for everyone.

But what about the victims that have been injured, what about the families of those individuals killed by a negligent driver, what sort of recourse is available to them.

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