How Will You Inform Me About My Case?
We tend to keep you informed whenever there is anything important happening or to periodically give you an update status. We value the significance of open communication between attorney and client.
However, keep in mind that we may not be able to discuss your case on a daily basis. Yet, your telephone calls will be returned either the same day or latest the next day. You can be assured that we are pursuing your matter, even if we had not a discussion during that time period. Your calls and need to be updated will be taken very seriously and promptly returned.


What’s The Value Of My Case?
It is very difficult to estimate the value of your case when we start your case. Until we fully investigate your case and obtain the necessary materials concerning the liability issues and injury issues in your case, we cannot accurately estimate the value of your case. However, after we have sufficient information, we will be able to provide you with a reliable estimate.


When Should I Expect A Settlement?
We cannot adequately commence negotiating your case until your medical treatment is complete and we have secured your medical records and bills. Your should focus on continuing your treatment with your doctor and recovering from your injuries. We will gather all the necessary medical records and begin negotiating your claim as soon as your treatments are over or we have a clear understanding of the severity and extent of your injuries.
We are very prompt in negotiating our clients claims.. It is difficult to estimate the exact time; however, as the case progresses we can present you with a time frame depending on your specific injuries.You will be informed as we proceed with your case and engage in settlement discussions.


Will I Deal With Anyone Else Except My Attorney?
We employ trained legal assistants to work with our associates. These qualified assistants will help us in processing your case to a speedy resolution. Your case will usually be assigned to one assistant who will closely monitor your case and work with your attorney.


Who Will Answer My Questions?
We strive to answer your questions promptly. If your attorney is not in or available when you call, ask for your legal assistant. If the legal assistant cannot respond to your question or if you need to discuss your matter directly with the attorney, leave a message for him or her, and you will have your call returned by latest the next day.