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Auto Accident

Auto accident claims are one of the primary sources of personal injury litigation within the United States legal system. More than half of all vehicular accidents result in claims with a substantial number of them becoming lawsuits.
Today there are over 300 million vehicles on the road, which resulted in over 6 million accidents and auto accidents claims totaling well over 3.3 million dollars.
Car accidents is therefore are noted to be the leading cause of un-necessary deaths in the United States today. The leading cause of the majority of these accidents is due to negligence.
Negligence is now the “legal theory” that has become the basis for many car accident lawsuits.
Many car accidents occur due to negligence on the part of one of the drivers involved. When a vehicular accident is caused due to another person’s negligence, the individuals harmed often reach a settlement with the liable party, compensation damage can be recovered for medical expenses, pain and suffering and any other considered damages.
For any sort of compensation to be awarded, negligence must be proven. Negligence in legal terminology means – someone has failed to act in reasonable and responsible manner.
In relation to a vehicular accidents facts proving negligence is usually derived from a number of sources, including eyewitness testimony, police report, photographs of the crash site and any other expert witness testimony as deemed necessary.
If you or someone you know have been arrested for any type of vehicular accident, remember your first course of action is to speak to a qualified defense lawyer — regardless of whether it’s a first time incident or a repeat offense.
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