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NYC Premise Liability Personal Injury Lawyers

igor-tarasov-button-premiseIn New York, owners of both residential and commercial property have an obligation and responsibility to ensure that their property is safe and accident free at all times. It is their moral duty to properly maintain the premises while providing adequate security.
When the property owner neglects to maintain this responsibility, the public is put at risk and oftentimes tragic accidents occur. Those owners responsible should be held accountable and liable when such tragedies transpire.
Another developing area in Premises Liability claims involves larger commercial facilities, these includes, shopping centers, garages, parking facilities and apartment complexes where there is a known problem of criminal activities occurring nearby or within the premises.
Research into the matter concludes that these business owners have been reneging on their responsibilities to protect the users of the facilities. More and more cases involving victims seriously injured, raped and even killed, as a direct result of property owner’s negligence to provide adequate security which ensures the public is protected from these known dangers.
The one complication that challenges victims in this type of Premises Liability accidents, especially when filing a claim, is that they must show proof of the property owners negligence which can oftentimes prove to be a formidable task.
If however, you can successfully establish your claim of gross negligence, then you are in a position to seek substantial compensatory damages from the accused property owner.
Premises Liability claims come in many different forms, whether your claim involves a residential or commercial property owner, the attorneys at the Law Office of Igor Tarasov Esq. have the experienced to assist you. Some of the cases we have litigated on Premises Liability include:

  • Slip & Falls
  • Elevator & Escalator Accidents
  • Liquor Liability
  • Negligent & Inadequate Security
  • Municipal Liability
  • Construction Site Accidents

As a casualty in any Premises Liability accident you need to be informed of your rights and what options are available to you; you need to seek out the proper guidance from an experienced Premises Liability attorney at the Law Offices of Igor Tarasov Esq. Our attorneys have the necessary expertise in all aspects of Premises Liability, we are devoted to offering you our clients all resources at our disposal, to ensure we acquire the most reparation that can be awarded.
If you have any questions relating to Premises Liability litigation, we can provide you with the answers, we will support you in putting together all the pertinent facts so that you are able to derive a responsible and informed decision.

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At theLaw Office of Igor Tarasov Esq. we help you to understand your judicial rights and the statute of limitations on your particular time-sensitive case.
We explore all options available to assist you in recouping monetary damages for medical bills, all loss of wages, rehabilitation cost and home care cost.

Remember, accountability helps reduce overall negligence and incidents.

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