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Experienced & Expert Representation in Construction Accidents in NYC

igor-tarasov-button-constructionConstruction site accidents are prevalent and often leave its victims with catastrophic injuries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the construction industry consistently ranks among the top ten occupatione where fatal and near fatal accidents occurs on an annual basis.
Injuries including amputation, spinal cord injuries, paraplegia and severe internal injuries are only among the few, caused as a direct result of contractor and property owners’ failure to provide the necessary safety measures for their workers. While construction work continues to be a high-risk occupation, workers are put at even higher risk due to the negligence and cost cutting safety measure that transpire with each project.
As a victim of construction accidents due to someone’s negligence, you have the right to seek legal reparation for your medical bills and potential loss of wages.
With all the economic growth that comes with construction expansion, undoubtedly, accidents will arise. Some of the more common construction injuries carelessly result from:

  • Electrocution
  • Scaffolding Accidents
  • Defective Machinery
  • Toxic Gas
  • Crane Accidents
  • Collapsed Structures
  • Cutting & Welding Accidents
  • Construction Site Falls

Labor Law 240 is the governing directive here in the state of New York that protects the rights of a construction worker should they become injured while on the job.
Simple translation of this law denotes that the owner of the building or the general contractor can be held liable for your accident and subsequent injuries.
At the Law Office of Igor Tarasov Esq, we strive to represent all construction workers that have been injured on the job, whether you work on a large construction project or a small residential renovation, even the simple servicing provided in a retail shop, whatever or wherever the accident occurs, it is important to be aware that as the injured party, you are entitled to financial compensation.
While construction site accidents and the ensuing lawsuits are very costly to pursue, especially when the laws becomes more complex and the expenses start adding up; when expert testimonies are required to solidify your claim. At the Law Office of Igor Tarasov Esq, we have the experience and resources to handle your claim, we offer quality representation and we are committed to getting you what you deserve.

Personalized & Experienced Legal Representation in NYC

At the Law Office of Igor Tarasov Esq. we help you to understand your judicial rights and the statute of limitations on your particular time-sensitive case.
We explore all options available to assist you in recouping monetary damages for medical bills, all loss of wages, rehabilitation cost and home care cost.

Remember, accountability helps reduce overall negligence and incidents.